2007 Press Releases



December 15, 2007: Southwest Gas licenses PowerPlant and PowerTax Read More >

December 7, 2007: Vectren licenses PowerTax, replacing Acufile Read More >

December 7, 2007: Exterran Holdings acquires PowerTax Read More >

December 3, 2007: Duke Energy Adds the Charge Repository Read More >


November 19, 2007: Black Hills Corporation selects PowerPlant and PropertyTax Read More >

November 16, 2007: Pacific Gas and Electric converts to PowerTax Read More >

November 14, 2007: Avista Licenses PowerTax Read More >


October 19, 2007: Norfolk Southern Acquires PowerPlant and PowerTax Read More >


September 21, 2007: SABIC Adds PowerTax Read More >

September 13, 2007: Consolidated Edison signs up for the PowerPlant project and asset suite Read More >


August 14, 2007: A leading Midwestern Energy Company acquires PowerPlant Read More >


July 31, 2007: California Water Service acquires the PowerPlant Project, Asset, and Tax Suite Read More >

July 26, 2007: Reliant Energy joins the PowerTax family Read More >

July 17, 2007: Connecticut Water acquires the PowerPlant Project, Asset, and Tax Suite Read More >


July 1, 2007: Union Pacific and BNSF both pick PowerPlant Property Tax to replace their current systems Read More >


May 29, 2007: Nova Scotia Power selects the PowerPlant suite. Read More >

May 21, 2007: Largest Communications Company acquires PowerTax Read More >

May 18, 2007: Empire District Electric signs up for PowerTax and Tax Provision Read More >

May 7, 2007: CSX acquires PowerTax and Property Tax Read More >


April 30, 2007: Puget Sound Energy adds the Tax Provision Module Read More >


March 16, 2007: Energy East adds PowerTax Provision Read More >

March 5, 2007: Westar Purchases Project and Asset Managment Read More >


February 19, 2007: Cox Contracts for PowerTax, Property Tax, Asset Shell Read More >

February 12, 2007: Washington Gas Light adds PowerTax Provision Read More >

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