Job Opening

Director, Project Management Office (PMO)

This position will be responsible for leading, managing and providing oversight for PowerPlans Project Management Office (PMO) service delivery for all projects. The Director of PMO reports directly to the VP, Professional Services and is accountable for the management of up to 150 concurrent projects and project leaders. Responsible for executing the strategy for new projects, developing relationships with internal staff and managing internal project delivery. This individual will spend a significant amount of time interacting with internal project teams, monitoring and measuring team performance, providing leadership in proposal development and senior level partner engagement.

Key Performance Objectives:

  1. Ensure projects are following a pre-determined set of standards and documents. Develop and implement new project managements standards and guidelines to be used by each team and hold accountable for these standards.
  2. Implement standard tools for tracking of all projects: Use our PSA System (Financial Force PSA) to standardize and capture progress across all projects. Ensure consistency across projects related to data quality and reliability of this data.
  3. Create a PM dashboard: Develop a dashboard within our system that can be published to the teams for greater visibility to projects statuses and health.
  4. Engage in internal knowledge sharing and people development: Contribute to the knowledge growth of the entire team. Both formal and informal opportunities exist for knowledge sharing and people management via direct reporting relationships or informal mentoring/coaching respectively.

Behavioral Needs:

The focus of this position is a confident, independent action, initiative, a sense of urgency, and the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for them. A well-suited candidate can react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas for dealing with them.

The style is purposeful, directed at getting things done quickly. There is a great deal of challenge and pressure, and people and problems must be handled with confidence and determination.

The position requires a self-disciplined person who can handle details as long as they are only an intermittent aspect of the job, and not the primary responsibility. This job requires self-assurance and competitive drive. There is a strong demand for high quality, organized and repeatable results. The responsibilities are broad in scope, encompassing a wide variety of activities requiring rapid shifts in priorities.

This is primarily a task-focused job, requiring a somewhat authoritative, directive leadership style that encourages results-driven, task-oriented collaboration.


  • Proven ability to build, drive and manage execution of plans to ensure business outcomes across multiple lines of business.
  • Strategy and tactical integration: The ability to develop strategy, tactically execute and ensure the two are connected, where tactical decisions lead to desired strategic outcomes
  • People: The ability to manage people through influence and relationships regardless of reporting relationships, at all levels of the organization
  • Process and substance: The ability to dive into specific functional areas of the business – from finance to people to marketing to sales to R&D to support and everything in-between – and substantially contribute to solving complex process interdependencies.
  • Technology: Knowledge of enterprise technology / products / systems to ensure implementation of strategy and tactics are supportable within the complex technology ecosystems that we operate in.
  • Grounded: Clear decision-making skills and an ability to focus and prioritize – effectively avoid distraction from our mission.
  • Communication: Expert verbal, visual and written communication skills.