Oil & Gas

Optimize financial performance of every asset no matter the market condition

Given the volatility in the commodities market, oil and gas companies are evaluating ways to cut costs and improve financial performance. Some are considering alternative business models such as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), which have become popular among companies looking for alternative access to capital.

With their business models evolving, oil and gas companies need a better way to track and manage the assets involved in these transactions. PowerPlan’s platform provides a single view of all capital investment data, delivering insight at each stage of the asset lifecycle. Now, all stakeholders – from the CEO to the field operator– can access the data they need, at the level of detail they need, in order to make the right decisions.

Manage Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Companies considering a merger or acquisition need to understand the cash flow and tax ramifications of the assets involved. But it can be difficult to project ROI using top-level financial statements. Because PowerPlan maintains more granular asset information, companies can run complex scenarios and analyze the results, which helps better inform their decisions.  

Improve Project Controls, Capital Planning and Forecasting

PowerPlan allows companies to more effectively track how project costs are tracking to the overall budget, which gives them insight into any issues or problems. By identifying root causes and quickly making adjustments, companies can improve cash flow and offset operating losses.

Optimize Financial Transparency

Fluctuating oil prices can often shed light on underperforming business segments, and PowerPlan helps companies uncover the reasons why. By drilling into the asset detail, it's easier to see root causes such as a low number of retirements, property tax laws in certain jurisdictions or project actuals exceeding the budget

This level of transparency is especially critical for MLPs. For example, understanding maintenance versus growth capex is one of the many details that can drive distributed cash flow for MLPs. PowerPlan delivers the insight, analysis and reporting capabilities stakeholders need to make decisions in the best interest of the company.

How PowerPlan Helps

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"We were aiming for a 10% ROI. PowerPlan brings so much expertise they delivered a 200% ROI on the project. They’ve gone above and beyond."

- VP, EQT Corp.

Practical Steps to Implement the Tangible Property Regulations

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