Public Sector

Drive success through improved asset performance

As stewards of public assets, cities and counties as well as local and national governments need to find a balance between the delivery of expected service levels, reduction of risk exposure and meeting environmental and regulatory compliance - all in the face of limited funding.

In addition with a heightened focus on asset management and new industry standards such as ISO 55000, the demands on departments across the public sector have increased significantly. Traditional methods of managing assets and disparate systems do not provide organizations a complete view of assets, making it difficult to achieve operational and planning objectives.

To achieve sustainability, both the operations and the financial teams need to focus on understanding and managing the full lifecycle of all their assets. PowerPlan’s Asset Management Planning (AMP) Suite Powered by Riva Modeling provides robust decision support which helps organizations build their asset management plan within their optimal financial and risk profiles with a direct line of sight to strategic objectives.

Create Defendable Plans

Asset planners are required to justify their asset management plans to both internal and external stakeholders (ex. regulators). In order to meet the demands of all their stakeholders, organizations must optimize their capital investments and risk assessment to develop and prioritize defensible, asset-based plans. Engineers and project managers can easily capture and document the business cases for both asset-based and needs-based projects.

Align with Industry Standards 

Increased regulations require more diligent tracking of detailed assets as well as costs. PowerPlan delivers a comprehensive view of an organization’s asset health and provides the information and control needed for tracking on these new standards. PowerPlan’s AMP suite is aligned with standards such as ISO 55000, PAS 55, and MAP-21 legislation, delivering a complete view of your assets and equipping you with the information and control needed to support defensible decisions and align your asset management objectives with your organizational strategic plan.

Manage Project Costs

Managing a range of large and small projects, and understanding the costs associated with these projects can help improve cost control. PowerPlan allows stakeholders across the organization to closely monitor project actuals and compare them against the plan. This real-time data access helps identify cost overruns and quickly make adjustments.

How PowerPlan Helps

Learn more about how each stakeholder across the enterprise benefits from PowerPlan’s platform:

  • Operations: Learn how to prioritize which assets need investment
  • Accounting: Get real-time visibility to asset information
  • Regulatory: See how capital projects will impact your customers

"We were aiming for a 10% ROI. PowerPlan brings so much expertise they delivered a 200% ROI on the project. They’ve gone above and beyond."

- VP, EQT Corp.

Case Study with WSSC

It was evident that WSSC needed to advance their asset management decision making. Learn how they automated asset management and capital planning.


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