Achieve consistent growth by optimizing asset performance

With mobile technology driving growth and high demand among business and consumer segments, telecommunications and cable companies are focused on upgrading their infrastructure to meet changing standards. This rapid network expansion, however, can bring challenges as companies seek to maximize the value of assets currently on the books, while planning and budgeting for new assets needed in the future. PowerPlan delivers the detailed asset visibility these companies need to optimize financial performance.

Manage Assets Across Multiple Jurisdictions

Merger and acquisition activity has left many telecommunications companies questioning how their assets are performing across a range of state and local jurisdictions. This is especially challenging with complex lease agreements. With PowerPlan, companies not only see top-line financial numbers but they can drill into a granular level of detail to better understand how an individual asset’s performance affects the overall financial picture.

Leverage Strategic Tax Insight

Given the volume of assets and their distribution across multiple jurisdictions, companies need to know where their assets are located and how they are affected by local tax laws. PowerPlan stores detailed tax basis information with assets, ensuring any changes—either to the asset or the corresponding tax law—are understood and leveraged, when possible.  

Improve Forecasting

PowerPlan allows stakeholders across the company to closely monitor project actuals and compare them against the budget. This real-time access to data helps identify cost overruns and quickly make adjustments.

How PowerPlan Helps

Learn more about how each stakeholder across the enterprise benefits from PowerPlan’s platform: 

“PowerPlan helped us better see how our assets are performing across the country.”

– Controller, U.S. Telecom

Integrated Asset Accounting: From Good to Great

PowerPlan has helped hundreds of asset-centric companies make the transition from good to great by automatically gathering data from across the organization and providing stakeholders with critical insight.


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