Drive success through improved asset performance

Transportation companies face unprecedented challenges with new energy and environmental regulations, the need for capital investment to maintain infrastructure and pressure from shareholders for better returns. Many are addressing cash flow management by focusing on a comprehensive tax strategy. PowerPlan delivers the visibility and reporting capabilities that make this approach possible by consolidating all asset information on a single platform. Now, whether they own the assets or have complex lease agreements, companies can track in real-time the information needed to leverage all available tax breaks.

Manage Multiple Tax Jurisdictions

Because transportation assets are geographically dispersed across multiple state and local jurisdictions, companies need to track assets in accordance with all relevant tax laws. PowerPlan’s ability to define all costs associated with an asset helps ensure exempt items are not inadvertently taxed and that valuations are accurately calculated.

Track Long-Term Service Agreements

Released in 2014, the IRS’s final tangible property regulations establish detailed rules as to what constitutes a deductible expense versus a capital improvement. These regulations require more diligent accounting of costs related to repairs, including those within complex long-term service agreements. PowerPlan allows companies to track these details, helping ensuring the appropriate tax calculations no matter the types of service contract.  

Manage Project Costs

Transportation companies manage a range of large and small projects, and understanding the costs associated with these projects can help them improve decision making. PowerPlan’s ability to track costs at the most granular level delivers this insight, helping them realize significant savings.

How PowerPlan Helps

Learn more about how each stakeholder across the enterprise benefits from PowerPlan’s platform:

  • Accounting:  Get real-time visibility to asset information
  • Income Tax:  Take advantage of all relevant tax deductions
  • Property Tax:  Track tax laws across multiple jurisdictions

“We have reduced our property taxes by 30% through better automation and visibility across all of our tax jurisdictions.”

- VP Tax, Railroad

Use GIS Data to Better Manage Property Taxes

Learn how combining geographic information system (GIS) technology with property tax solutions can help your organization reduce property tax payments.


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