Track asset performance throughout the capital asset lifecycle

Utilities today face increased infrastructure costs, decreased energy demand and strict regulatory scrutiny. As a result, they now have more projects to manage and need a better way to track and manage costs across all departments.

The PowerPlan platform captures relevant asset information from across the utility and stores it where it’s available in real time to all stakeholders. Accounting, tax, regulatory, operations and finance all have the specific information they need at each phase of the asset lifecycle, allowing them to make better strategic decisions and ultimately improve financial performance.

Improve Regulatory Strategy

Finding ways to improve regulatory strategy is critical, especially the rate case process. PowerPlan can reduce regulatory lag by streamlining data capture and allowing companies to run complex scenarios that analyze multiple options. PowerPlan also improves visibility into data so companies can quickly and confidently respond to interrogatories.

Optimize Financial Transparency

With aging assets dispersed across multiple jurisdictions, utilities need better insight into how those assets are performing. PowerPlan allows stakeholders across the company to analyze issues that can impact performance, including assets that haven’t been retired on time or tax deductions that haven’t been leveraged.

Monitor Project Costs

Utilities of all sizes are making significant infrastructure investments – whether they are transitioning to alternative energy sources or replacing aging infrastructure. Managing the costs associated with these projects is critical to optimizing financial performance. PowerPlan allows stakeholders across the company to closely monitor project actuals and compare them against the budget. This real-time data access helps identify cost overruns and quickly make adjustments.

Automation and Best Practices

With roots in the utilities industry, PowerPlan was designed to address many of the unique challenges utility companies face, including compliance and cash flow management. By automating many of the manual processes and implementing best practices, PowerPlan helps companies streamline operations and improve financial performance.

How PowerPlan Helps

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"PowerPlan is known as the expert for Asset Accounting in the utility industry.”

– Controller, Tampa Electric Company

What to Know Before Your Next Rate Case

Learn about market trends influencing today’s regulated utilities, operational challenges that impact regulatory performance, and how PowerPlan can address these challenges.


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