Asset Accounting Suite

PowerPlan’s Asset Accounting suite is a flexible, robust solution for tracking all asset data from creation to retirement. By automating core and specialized accounting activities, PowerPlan helps companies reduce errors, lower operating costs and improve cash flow.

Core Accounting

  • ERP and EAM integration: PowerPlan fully integrates with a company’s existing ERP, EAM and other financial systems, helping reduce timeline for month-end close.
  • Automated tracking: Key accounting activities, including asset creation, calculation of interest and overhead, retirement processes, etc., are automatically managed. This streamlines workflows and reduces data entry errors.
  • Documentation: Because PowerPlan captures and stores all asset accounting data, companies have a robust audit trail to support deductions.

Project Accounting

  • Automated workflows: By removing manual tasks associated with creations, approvals, and calculations, PowerPlan reduces data entry errors and streamlines project activities.
  • Project notifications: Project managers and accounting teams can set up alerts to stay on top of when projects close and assets are automatically created.

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