Asset Management Planning

Watch our on-demand webinar, Addressing Risk through Asset Management Planning, to learn how Enbridge used PowerPlan to maximize their return on assets.

PowerPlan provides an asset management planning solution that delivers a comprehensive view of an organization’s asset health and provides the information and control needed to align asset strategy with the overall organizational goals. PowerPlan’s Asset Management Planning Suite provides robust decision support which helps organizations build their asset management plan within their optimal financial and risk profiles with a direct line of sight to strategic objectives.

  • Asset Register & Synergies: Maintain a register of all in service or planned assets with details such as asset type, location, condition and inspection history. Relate assets together to develop synergies between asset strategies.
  • Configurable Predictive Strategies: Build predictive strategies for all types of assets and lay those strategies over individual assets taking into account age, condition, and risk of failure.
  • Event and Demand Forecasting: Based on individual asset age, condition, and risk, develop asset work plans that forecast repair, renewal, and replacement activities.
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation: Measure individual asset risk of failure through an understanding of the asset’s location, age, and condition and fitting failure curves based on the type of asset. Mitigate risk by building asset management plans that address high risk assets.
  • Scenarios and “What If” Analysis: Allows for an unlimited number of What If scenarios to be run to evaluate multiple portfolio investment approaches. Scenarios can then be analyzed against each other for comparative purposes to help identify the best investment strategy.
  • Automated Plan Generation: Along with a variety of outputs, generate a formatted, ready-for-delivery set of plans – both capital and operational – at the click of a button. These documents provide complete, defensible and evidence-based support for your organization’s future activities and investments.