Budgeting & Asset Investment Planning Suite

PowerPlan’s Budgeting and Asset Investment Management suite provides asset-centric companies with better insight into capital and operations and maintenance (O&M) projects. PowerPlan integrates with existing systems and delivers real-time visibility into all costs, allowing stakeholders to monitor how projects are impacting overall financial performance.

Asset Investment Planning (AIP)

  • Strategic Alignment: Clear line of sight between capital plan and strategic corporate objectives
  • Project Prioritization: Define your own prioritization factors and formulas. Built-in tools simplify weighting, pair-wise comparison and testing of your prioritization formulas.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Review budgets over the next 100-years and determine the optimal schedule for executing projects based on multiple variables including project cost, benefit, risk, and strategic alignment.
  • Scenarios and “What If” Analysis: Allows for an unlimited number of “What If” scenarios to be run to evaluate multiple portfolio investment approaches. Scenarios can then be analyzed against each other for comparative purposes to help identify the best investment strategy.
  • Risk-based Decision Making: Measure the risk of asset failure, the criticality as well as understand acceptable risk tolerance to help create an optimal long-term plan. Evaluate how different investment portfolios reduce risk under a spending threshold.

Project Budgeting

  • Project calendar: Because most projects span multiple years, PowerPlan allows companies to track budgets according to the project schedule and not the current calendar year, giving them a holistic view of the costs and how they impact the bottom line. 
  • Multiple budgets: Project budgets from across the organization can be rolled up, delivering a consolidated view of all costs and variances. This allows everyone from a project manager to the CEO to view the appropriate level of detail.    
  • Central repository: Project proposals are stored in one place, allowing companies to maintain consistent justification and ranking criteria, such as regulatory and safety initiatives, environmental mandates, high growth projections, etc.
  • Resource alignment: PowerPlan provides better visibility into the total labor budget, allowing project managers to balance available resources against that number.

Project Cost Management & Tracking

  • Variance tracking: With real-time visibility into projects, project managers can always see what has been budgeted, what has been committed and what has been spent.
  • Automatic notifications and dashboards: All project stakeholders can monitor data using alerts or dashboards.
  • Analytics: Robust graphic and reporting tools help communicate status updates to key stakeholders.

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