Asset-intensive organizations generate mountains of data every day. With limited resources, companies need to find efficient ways to identify data anomalies and prioritize activities to ensure the maximum return on their time and resources.

PowerPlan Insights delivers interactive, visual dashboards and analytics to support data driven decision-making to drive improved financial results. Role based dashboards provide specific views and metrics based on the user’s role from the executive level to the analyst level.

The solution provides:

  • Interactive Dashboards: Interactive, visual dashboards and analytics allow users to drill down into source data to immediately identify the magnitude of trends and variances.
  • Best Practice Reports: PowerPlan utilized more than 20 years of industry experience to provide out of the box, solution specific and role-based best practice analytics for each of PowerPlan’s suites. 
  • Report Designer: Without support from IT, users can build custom presentation ready reports.
  • Mobile Access: Offered on the PowerPlan Cloud Platform, the application can be accessed through any web browser and does not require any code or executables to be present to run. 

Additionally, non-technical users can create their own dashboards and reports, exploring all of the data within PowerPlan, to generate presentation level reports directly out of the solution without assistance from IT.  Profiles can be configured according to users requirements with little effort, including limiting users to read-only access. 

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