Lessee Accounting Solution

Build your compliance plan for the New Lease Accounting Standards - watch our joint webinar with PwC on-demand

PowerPlan’s Lessee Accounting solution provides complete lifecycle accounting for all capital and operating leases including equipment, real estate and purchase power agreements. This central repository serves as a foundation for reporting on lease inventories and building a consistent lease management policy.

With the recently published lease accounting standards from FASB and IASB, many organizations have concerns about their compliance strategy. PowerPlan has already helped many organizations prepare for the standards.

The solution provides:

  • Regulatory compliance: PowerPlan commits to updating the software to remain compliant with the new lease accounting standards
  • Lease visibility: With a central repository for capital and operating leases, companies have full transparency into lease agreements and recurring payment obligations.
  • Automatic payment approvals: PowerPlan’s invoice reconciliation tools ensures correct payment processing.
  • Scalability: The solution is in production at many Fortune 500 corporations managing more than $25 billion worth of leased assets.

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