Regulatory Suite

PowerPlan helps companies manage the complex rate case process, giving them more time to react to business changes and make adjustments through fast and accurate insight into regulatory financials

PowerPlan’s Regulatory Management Suite Provides:

  • Automated data collection: Regulatory data is captured from across the company and stored in a regulatory ledger, improving data integrity and providing a single source of truth across stakeholders.
  • Integration: The regulatory suite shares real-time information with other systems and PowerPlan’s other solutions, ensuring data is current and accurate.
  • Detailed drilldowns: The regulatory ledger maintains all historical and forecast data so stakeholders can quickly access the detail underneath topline financial numbers. This visibility helps determine the root cause of anomalies.
  • Jurisdictional templates: With a standardized way to capture business rules, allocations and adjustments required by different jurisdictions, companies can ensure consistency and accuracy in data capture and reporting.
  • Scenario analysis: Stakeholders can test inputs when preparing for a rate case to determine what factors might yield the best return on asset (ROA).
  • Ongoing monitoring: PowerPlan allows companies to monitor regulatory performance both during the rate case process and outside of it. This monitoring includes evaluating alternative mechanisms like riders and trackers.

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