Customer Community

We want to help you make the most of your investment in your PowerPlan software.

We invite all customers to join Social Power, PowerPlan’s user community, where they can connect with the PowerPlan team, as well as other users. Social Power allows customers to:

  • Enter any product page to ask a question about a specific PowerPlan Solution and see what our products have to offer
  • Search the knowledge base for common questions about PowerPlan products and find a series of solutions/answers
  • Submit support cases through your company group
  • Download documents from our library of white papers, case studies, product overviews and user manuals
  • View How-To Videos and archived webinars
  • Review the calendar to see upcoming industry events, tradeshows, and PowerPlan training classes
  • Participate in contests and win prizes
  • Have private dialogue amongst yourselves or with PowerPlan employees