Training Course

PowerPlan Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO)

Course Description:

This course is for users who expect to work with AROs and FIN47/FAS143/ASC410-20 accounting in PowerPlan. You will obtain an understanding of the Asset Retirement Obligation module and ARO processing in the application. You will learn PowerPlan-specific definitions, decisions and requirements, along with a basic understanding of PowerPlan ARO calculation options and methodology. 


  • ARO Overview & Calculation
    • PowerPlan ARO Terminology
    • ARO Theory
    • PowerPlan Structure and Data Requirements
    • Types of ARO’s
  • Creating an ARO
  • ARO Settlements
  • ARO Monitoring
    • Reports
    • Queries


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the FAS143/FIN47/ASC410-20 requirements
  • Explain PowerPlan specific ARO assumptions and terminology
  • Describe the ARO lifecycle from creation to close
  • Practice using Forecasting and Reporting tools for ARO analysis
  • Evaluate different PowerPlan methodologies for ARO estimation

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