Training Course

Deferred Tax

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to deferred tax functionality in PowerTax. It will cover detailed steps and procedures. The focus is on regulated entities and the build-up of deferred income taxes related to bonus depreciation, tax repairs, and mixed service costs. Any company that wants assurance their deferred taxes are on a solid footing, does a full allocation of book depreciation and book activity in calculating deferred taxes, or just wants their staff to have  a fundamental understanding of deferred income taxes would benefit from this course. 


  • PowerTax Deferred Tax Module Navigation and Data Organization
  • Deferred Tax – Theory and Concepts
  • Book Depreciation and Deferred Tax Turnaround
  • Book Allocation Setup
  • Deferred Tax Schema Assign Window
  • Deferred Tax Processing
  • Reporting and Verifying Results


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Operate and navigate PowerTax Deferred Tax Module
  • Demonstrate understanding of deferred tax theory and concepts
  • Demonstrate understanding of PowerTax Deferred Tax Module and the systems capabilities
  • Demonstrate understanding of PowerTax Deferred Tax Module data and data organization
  • Demonstrate the ability to incorporate new activity into the system
  • Review data and verify results

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