Training Course

PowerPlan Fundamentals

Course Description:

This course is for any users of the PowerPlan Fixed Assets, Projects, or Cost Repository who need to quickly get to an intermediate level of understanding. Anyone who has not had Fundamentals training in the past would gain something from this course. Attendees will see how transactions flow into the system, through work orders, into assets, depreciation and finally retirement. The functional structure of the system is discussed including Locations, Accounts, and the Unit Catalog. We finish up with a step by step discussion of the PowerPlan month end closing processes and advanced query tricks in the Cost Repository.


  • PowerPlan system architecture
  • Base Table Structure
  • Project Management
  • Construction Work in Process (CWIP) Reporting & Querying
  • Asset Transactions
  • Depreciation
  • Charge Repository
  • Month End Close Processing


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the different modules of the PowerPlan Suite and how they interact with one another
  • Describe the following concepts as they apply to the PowerPlan system: Location, Account, and Unit Catalog
  • Explain how to close work orders and factors that impact closings
  • Explain how dollars flow through the system for book purposes
  • Describe each step of the PowerPlan month end close process as well as how they interact with one another
  • Demonstrate the ability to use reports and queries to review information in the system related to Work Orders, Assets, Depreciation, and Charges

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