Training Course

Introduction to PowerTax

Course Description:

This course goes through a systematic approach for processing the cycle of tax compliance using PowerTax. There is an emphasis on controls and data/system integrity as well as using the system effectively. The book to tax processing is discussed, including data from the Tax Repairs module.


  • Data Organization and Navigation
  • Maintaining Tax Accounts
  • Calculating Tax Basis, Depreciation and Gain/Loss
  • Pre-Processing Issues
  • Effective Use of Cases
  • Preparing Cases for New Activity
  • Loading Activity Using Interfaces
  • Loading Activity Using Import Tool
  • Reporting


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Operate and navigate PowerTax
  • Demonstrate understanding of PowerTax and the systems capabilities
  • Demonstrate understanding of PowerTax data and data organization
  • Demonstrate the ability to incorporate new activity into the system
  • Review data and verify results

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