Training Course

Supporting PowerPlan

Course Description:

This course is for anyone who is tasked with supporting a PowerPlan Fixed Assets install (Projects, Assets, Budget, Depreciation) or anyone who wishes to understand the details of what is required to support the system at a technical level. Attendees will gain an understanding of the flows of data through the system to better enable them to diagnose both the cause and the severity of problems they may run into. Anyone attending this class will also learn the details of the data model for the most often used portions of the system. This course covers the contents of the Dynamic Configuration course and much more.


  • Technical Architecture
  • Data Model
  • Basic Report Editing
  • Dynamic Configuration
  • System Dataflow Introduction and Configuration
  • Debugging Connection Issues  and Interfaces
  • Security Controls 


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Illustrate a plan of action to diagnose and resolve problems within the PowerPlan system or its interactions with other systems
  • Explain the flow of data through the system at the level of tables and fields to judge the impact of problems and their likely point of origin
  • Describe the most important aspects of the data model of the PowerPlan fixed asset system and be able to query the system for information that may not be easily obtained in other ways
  • Use knowledge of SQL and the PowerPlan data model to modify function of a PowerPlan install via configuration
  • Extend the ability of users to retrieve meaningful and actionable information from CPR, Projects, CR, and Depreciation via Any Queries

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