Are you receiving inconsistent data from departments across the enterprise? Are you able to conduct accurate forecast by running complex scenarios? Is your company consistently hitting its revenue targets?

PowerPlan delivers real-time insight into the company’s assets, allowing executive teams to better understand how decisions made across the enterprise affect the bottom line. Additionally, PowerPlan’s reporting and analytical tools enable companies to more quickly adjust to a changing environment, helping optimize financial performance.

Ensure Accurate Visibility into the Enterprise

Companies that lack a single, holistic view of their assets often struggle to get fast, accurate data from across the enterprise, which slows decision making and can affect financial reporting. PowerPlan serves as a central repository for all asset data across the enterprise, ensuring all stakeholders have just-in-time access to the most current asset information.

Evaluate Decisions through Complex Scenario Analysis

Given the range of complex decisions being made across the enterprise, companies need the ability to run scenarios that consider multiple variables. With PowerPlan’s scenario analysis tools, executives can evaluate the impact of various decisions, including a projected return on asset (ROA) from a rate case, the tax implications of a merger or acquisition and the impact of project delays on revenue projections.