PowerPlan provides an integrated view of asset data to all enterprise stakeholders

For asset-centric companies, optimizing financial performance depends on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. The challenge they face is collecting data from across the enterprise and providing key stakeholders with visibility to it.   

Without this visibility, stakeholders are forced to make assumptions and compromises. What they need is insight that allows them to make the best financial decisions for the organization.

PowerPlan intelligently delivers the information stakeholders need at each phase of the asset lifecycle. Learn how:

  • Engineering/Operations: How do I know what assets need investment and how to do more with less?
  • Accounting: I need to know an asset has been retired at the time it’s retired. Not three years later.
  • Regulatory: How are these new capital projects going to affect customer rates? What will the regulators say?
  • Tax: We could be more aggressive with tax strategy if we had better insight into costs related to capital expenditure vs. maintenance.
  • Property Tax: We are leaving money on the table in some jurisdictions because we don’t track available tax incentives.
  • Finance: I track capital spending across the company using spreadsheets, and there are always data inconsistencies that have to be reconciled among the departments.