Do you have an asset management plan that provides a comprehensive view of your organization's asset health? How are your capital projects tracking to the overall plan? 

Unlike traditional solutions, PowerPlan’s enterprise platform was purpose built to help asset-centric businesses gain transparency down to the individual asset aligning asset strategy with overall organizational goals. By reducing cost overruns, streamlining operational tasks and enhancing reporting, PowerPlan helps companies optimize their financial performance.

Create Defendable Asset Management Plans

With a heightened focus on asset management and new industry standards such as ISO 55000, the demands on asset-intensive organizations have increased significantly. Traditional methods of managing assets and disparate systems do not provide organizations a complete view of assets, making it difficult to achieve operational and planning objectives.

PowerPlan’s Asset Management Planning Suite provides robust decision support which helps organizations build their asset management plan within their optimal financial and risk profiles with a direct line of sight to strategic objectives.

Maintain Transparency and Control

With PowerPlan, everyone from the CEO to the project manager has real-time visibility to the level of detail they need. Stakeholders get a high-level view of multiple projects, but they can also drill down into cost detail of an individual project or even down to the asset to make agile decision making. This insight helps identify budget variances, improve short-term and long-range impacts of strategic decisions – all of which reduce the risk of costly overspends.

Remove Accounting Burden from the Field

PowerPlan seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing systems and quickly translates work order information into asset detail that automatically flows to accounting. Now, field personnel don’t have to keep track of complex accounting codes or asset types; they can focus on doing their work. When they log their time against a job, PowerPlan captures all relevant asset information, saving time and improving data quality.

Achieve Results that Transform Financial Performance

By choosing PowerPlan, companies have:

  • Realized a 2.5% reduction in cost overruns through more detailed visibility into project performance
  • Reduced the amount of time it took to gather project costs, which allowed them more time to react to changes

Attend our webinar, Addressing Risk through Asset Management Planning, to learn how Enbridge Gas Distribution maximized their return on assets.