Why PowerPlan?

"We aimed for a 10% ROI. PowerPlan brings so much expertise they delivered a 200% ROI on the project. They’ve gone above and beyond."

- VP, EQT Corp.

The public sector, utilities and midstream companies are challenged to create and manage capital assets in enough detail to optimize decision making. Balancing financial constraints, risk tolerance and performance obligations with regulatory requirements and financial goals can't be handled manually. And because they have to aggregate data, they lose valuable insight into their assets, which results in compromises and missed opportunities to improve cash flow and overall financial performance. They also struggle to track financial details throughout the lifecycle of the asset, where each phase—from creation to retirement – requires communication among operations, accounting, tax, regulatory and financial planning.

PowerPlan combines financial, operational and regulatory data with automated key workflows, what-if scenarios and operational risks. By ensuring everyone has visibility into detailed asset data at each phase of the asset lifecycle, you are able to make better decisions, ultimately improving financial performance.

How PowerPlan helps your company's stakeholders